Mark Roberts is a British multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer.  An award winning film editor and director, he has enjoyed an international career working in film and television throughout the last 25 years.

Mark was raised in Greater London, England.  He has always been interested in the interplay of sound and vision and forged a strong arts and musical background which included being part of numerous bands where he performed as a bass player for ten years . A relocation to live nearer to the sea to focus energies on recording/producing his own music, Mark's work combines worldwide influences including folk, soul, classical and electronic often exploring spiritual themes shaped by his worldwide travels.

Much of the last decade has been dedicated to spending time visiting the high desert of California; a second home where soul searching has provided endless inspiration and solace .  Mark is passionate and strives to create music which will 'paint a picture' and express this picture into sound. He approaches music with the notion of 'from one comes many'; a simple musical idea on which to build until the music takes on a life of its own working to the narrative of the journey.  

The debut album 'VISTAS' featuring strings by Jote Osahn (Cinematic Orchestra, Elbow, Snow Patrol), reflects notable artists such as John Adams, Terry Callier, Leo Brouwer and Gustavo Santaolalla. VISTAS is a musical voyage and invites the listener to explore a virtual landscape inspired by the natural world.

       ''A wonderful debut album by an accomplished composer and musician. Aptly named, Vistas creates a series of luscious             soundscapes. Melodic, original. Gorgeous stuff." Scandi Noir -  iTunes review 2014

The latest single  'Bitter Love' is a collaboration with award winning singer/songwriter Matt Millership from Tensheds.  A recipient of the Discretional Rock Award in 2016, presented by rock piano legend Rick Wakeman who described Matt as  declared Tensheds as "A truly unique and rare talent", Matt has combined his lyrical talents with unique vocals to bring Bitter Love to life.

Mark continues to explore different musical strands and creative concepts, and with a soon to be release of his second album, it is a highly anticipated wait.